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Smaller Version of The New Nintendo 3DS System Coming Later This Month


One question that has been commonly asked is, “Will Nintendo ever release the smaller version of the New Nintendo 3DS systems in North america?” Well the answer to that question is now September 25th.

If you are wondering what’s so special about the smaller New Nintendo 3DS, while it does have a smaller screen sized compared to it’s big brother the XL, it biggest draw is the ability to switch out the interchangeable cover plates letting you customize it to your taste, that and it’s Super Famicom button colored buttons.


The smaller version of the New 3DS system will be released as part of the Animal Crossing Home Designer bundle which includes the system, two cover plates, an amiibo card, and a full game download code for  Animal Crossing Home Designer which will retail for $219.99.

No one word on if the system will be sold by itself, and don’t forget that none of the other New Nintendo 3DS systems don’t come with an AC adapter, so chances are you may have to pick one up as well.