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Writer/producer/guitarist/director Robert Rodriguez made an appearance on Tuesday evening at the 2012 South by Southwest (SXSW) Film Festival in Austin, Texas.  He entertained the masses by playing music from some of his feature film soundtracks.  In addition, Rodriguez announced that he was launching an animation company called Quickdraw Animation, which will create stories and the visual elements for CG-animated feature films.

Rodriguez’s also heralded the news that sequels to “Machete,” and “Sin City” will go into production this year.  “Machete Kills” is the title for the Danny Trejo sequel, which will be the second film in the stylized grindhouse action thriller trilogy.  Production will begin in April with “Sin City 2” going before the cameras sometime during this summer.

Other than Danny Trejo reprising his role as Machete Cortez in “Machete Kills,” no other casting news has been made at this time, and Rodriguez isn’t telling anyone.  He does promise some surprises of the highest caliber.  The same can be said about “Sin City 2,” which writer/director Frank Miller has indicated that the storyline will feature some original content, but will otherwise largely be based on his graphic novel “A Dame to Kill For.”

Sources: The Hollywood Reporter, screenrant

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