SHOCKING NEWS: Another Friend of Ben Affleck Says He’ll Make A Great BATMAN


Louis Love here with some Bat-News.

We still have to wait until 2016 for the release of “Batman vs. Superman” a.k.a. the “Man of Steel” sequel. Some people think the casting of Ben Affleck as The Dark Knight is a big mistake. By far the one group of people that stand by Ben and claim he’s going to own the part are his family and friends.

Look at what his wife had to say about the new Batman suit HERE.

Read what Marvel’s Stan Lee thinks of Affleck as Batman HERE.

Even Colin Farrell, who played “Bullseye” alongside Affleck in Marvel’s “Daredevil,” has stepped in to defend Affleck.

“Good luck to him. I think he’ll do a great job. As an actor, I don’t know that I know anyone that’s improved as much as he has. That sounds like a s**t thing to say.

I always enjoyed watching him, as a director he’s extraordinary too, but his work in The Town and Argo, he was so fantastic in both those films. In Argo, it was such a controlled performance, I think he’ll kill as Batman, I hope he does and shuts the naysayers up.”

Now I really, REALLY hope Affleck kicks ass in the part but just for fun and laughs. Also, I would like to see a big Hollywood star say that he’ll be terrible. I mean come on, there’s gotta be a few that think that.

What’s your opinion on this matter?