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‘Shaun the Sheep’ Blu-ray Combo Pack Review

7c99d828-200f-11e5-886a-005056b70bb8From Aardman, the creators of Wallace and Gromit, comes Shaun the Sheep Movie. The animated film hits Blu-ray combo pack, DVD and On Demand Nov. 24 and we have an early review of the Blu-ray combo pack. Check out the review below.

Shaun the Sheep Movie tells the story of a small sheep in a big city. Shaun and his flock of sheep go from the farm into the city and is filled with adventure and mischief. Oh and did I mention that it’s all told visually?

The film has absolutely no dialogue whatsoever. This threw me for a loop and I’m sure it may throw some of you for a loop as well, if you aren’t familiar with these characters. Throughout the film, there are tons of gags, a bit of emotion and a lot of grunts and occasional gibberish. Though there is no dialogue, the story is very easy to get. You know exactly what’s happening without even hearing a word. This is great for small children and parents with small children.


The film is very visually appealing,the characters are all cute looking and their movements flow quite nicely, so that helps a lot.


Bonus Features

This blu-ray combo pack has a few special features that will last about thirty minutes or so. The bonus features included are: “Making The Shaun Movie”, which I was happy it was included because I personally am always interested in how animated films and stop-motion films get made. There’s a “Meet the Characters” features which is self-explanatory, you get some background on the characters in the film, “Join Shaun Behind the Scenes”, which is a featurette that takes you more in-depth into making of the film, a “Meet the Crew” feature and a “Parody Poster Gallery”, which is a pretty neat feature that contains the characters from the film and puts them into parody movie posters of highly popular films such as “Ant-Lamb” (Ant-Man), “Muttons” (Minions) and a couple of more.


The Blu-ray combo pack comes in a cardboard slip cover which covers the plastic case that holds the Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD code.


Shaun the Sheep Movie caught me a bit off guard at first because of the lack of dialogue. It’s super hard to tell a film without dialogue but somehow, Aardman pulls it off.  I was still able to get a story out of it and it was a simple story that children can get and it was a very eye appealing film. I think it’s a movie that children will love because it has a lot of gags and the characters are funny looking. When it comes to the price of the Blu-ray combo pack, it is a bit higher than some at $29.95-$34.99 but it’s around the same price range as most combo packs these days.

I give Shaun the Sheep Movie Blu-ray combo pack 7 fridges out of 10.