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As you may know The Sentinels are robots that are programmed to exterminate any and all Mutants in Bryan Singer’s “X-Men: Days of Future Past” and in the “X-Man” comics. While Singer worked on directing “X-men 2” he toyed with the idea that perhaps The Sentinels would be part of the movie, but due to the fact that the script went a different direction that would not involve The Sentinels and the fact that adding the robots would have made the film’s budget increase significantly the idea was scraped. Yet concept art was made and now it was surfaced.

Ricardo Delgado and Guy Hendrix Dyas, who where Film Sketchrs for films such as “Superman Returns,” “The Matrix: Reloaded,” and “X-Men 2,” have revealed concept art that shows how the sentinel would have looked like in “X-Men 2.” The look is very different from what we saw in DOFP but still a nice design.