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SEGA Teases “HMKD” On Twitter, Possible New IP Announced At Gamescom

SEGA is teasing something on their Twitter page and seems we will see it sooner rather than later, most likely at Gamescom.

On Friday, the official SEGA page posted a gif of a heart rate monitor on a circular screen that looks to be for radar with the caption “Be the first to know” followed by a link.

When clicking on the link you are sent to a page with a similar looking radar blip but now featuring slightly ominous music and an occasional “blip” sound.

Fans are very curious to see what this announcement may be but many are quick to point out the correlation between the abbreviation “HMKD” and a new IP that was trademarked by SEGA called Humankind. It has also been confirmed that SEGA has one unannounced game ready to show off at Gamescom this year so this mystery seems to have been cracked fairly quickly by the internet.

Gamescom will be live from Germany on August 19th with an opening night event featuring announcements and gameplay from several upcoming games.

Stay tuned for more Gamescom 2019 coverage.