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With the release of Sonic Forces next month, Sega is releasing a series of short comics  that help delve deeper into the game’s story.

The first comic, Moment of Truth follows the Chaotix team who are helping bolster a cities defense against Dr. Eggman. New comics will be released on multiple Sonic the Hedgehog Social Media Platforms including Facebook, and Twitter.

The short comics are being created by Sega Team with Ian Flyn in charge of the script. At New York Comic-Con, IDW Publishing announced that Ian would be the head writer for the new Sonic comic book series set to release next year. Ian previously worked with Archie Comics on the Sonic comic series until last year after Archie and Sega ended their partnership.

IDW isn’t involved with the short comic series but instead it’s being completely done by Sega.  Sonic Forces release on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on November 7th.