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Sega gives us a small glimpse of Team Sonic Racing

Back in March, Sega teased a new Sonic Racing game and now we finally get our first look at the new Team Sonic Racing. The new trailer which doesn’t really show off much of the game’s new team dynamic, where you can team up with or against your friends.

The game will feature 15 characters from the Sonic Universe, meaning we won’t be seeing Shenmue’s Ryo Hazuki or Billy Hatcher and who knows maybe this will mark the return of Bigs the Cat…..no probably not.

Will Sonic ever ditch the car and outrun the competition since he is the fastest thing alive? We will have to wait til E3 to learn more about Team Sonic Racing.

Team Sonic Racing arrives this Winter! Race in a team with your friends (or against them) both offline and online, and choose from a variety of characters and tracks in the Sonic universe!

Team Sonic Racing is being developed by Sumo Digital, well-known for their fantastic racing titles. We’ll reveal more about the game (and we’ll have it playable) at E3, so if you’re around, come give it a try!

Team Sonic Racing will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC this Winter.