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Exclusive! Sean Teale on Fox’s THE GIFTED

The Gifted has begun its first season on Fox. The show is based on the X-Men comics and is about a world where mutated humans are treated with distrust and fear. Meanwhile, an institute for mutants called The Mutant Underground battles to achieve a peaceful co-existence with humanity.

Sean Teale plays “Eclipse” whose real name is Marcos Díaz. He is part of The Mutant Underground. Díaz is a new character not featured in the comics.

His powers on the show so far are as follows:

Photon Manipulation – Eclipse’s body seems to act as a container for his photon rich cells. Using his power, he can direct these photons as concussive beams of force, beams of heats, or flash of blinding light. It is shown that when Eclipse is wounded, his cells emit light, implying that much like his namesake, his body recovers using his stored photon particles and prevents them from excessive leakage.

We had a chance to ask Sean Teale about the show and here are four main points we found out about The Gifted.

1.) The show has six episodes wrapped.
Although the show has received great reviews only 6 episodes are in the can. We expect Fox to order more.

2.) The Gifted is full of twist and turns plus many surprises.
Without getting into spoilers The Gifted has revealed some great surprises. Teale promises more and that’s why we will continue to watch.

3.) The show does take place in the X-Men movie universe.
According to Teale, the show does take place in X-Man movie continuity. In fact, the cast was told it does but, don’t expect an Eclipse/Wolverine team up anytime soon or ever.

4.) He would love to see his character in comic books.
Since Eclipse is a character that has never been seen in the comics, Teale would love to see his likeness in a comic.

The Gifted airs on MONDAYS 9/8c on FOX