Sea of Thieves Patch Now Live: Fixes Many Issues, And Adds New Features

Sea of Thieves just launched a new in-game patch, consisting of many bug fixes, and adds a few features.

With just a week after launched the developers have shown they are willing to listen to the community and are willing to work day in and day out to please the fans, and possibly even win back some players that were unhappy with the launch.

Notably, bug fixes include bugged treasure chests, sound errors, snakes behaving correctly, character items missing etc.

Also, the new patch includes a few new features. Seagulls will now hover over floating supply barrels, as well as ship and character customization will persist after migrating servers.

The team at Rare also stated some known issues that they are still working on, but do provides tips on how to avoid those bugs until the team can fix them.

Finally, due to community outcry, the Death Cost will no longer be moving forward. The developers had planned to tax in game gold every time a player dies, as a way to pay the captain of the “Ferry of The Damned”. Due to players passionate responses though, Rare has decided to not implement this feature.

Full Patch notes can be found here: