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Sea of Thieves Is Getting A Boatload of New Content (Literally)

Sea of Thieves is about to enter into it’s second major event titled: “Cursed Sails” coming July 31st.

In this update players will be encountering a new enemy AI threat in the form of skeleton-sailed enemy ships. As seen in the trailer below, it appears that these ships will be able to arise at any time from the deapths of the sea. It also appears that a bounty system will be in place, due to there being a representation of these at outposts, it seems players might receive rewards for destroying these ships.

This update will also bring a new ship, the “Brigantine”, a new ship type specifically tailored for a crew of three. The ship will feature two main sails, and 4 canons (two on each side). And hopefully more supplies as well? The ship doesnt look too difficult to be sailed by a crew of two, sohopefully this will act as a vessel for more experienced players as well.

Furthermore, the update will bring in the much anticipated “Alliance System” In which you can encounter another crew on the seas, and as the official Sea of Thieves website states it “encourages crews to band together in pursuit of their goals, tackling greater challenges and sharing the rewards.” This feature has been highly desired in order to complete tasks such as skeleton forts more easily.

This marks the second major update and the 5th total event to come so sea of thieves since its launch in March. As a player, I could not be more happy with the team at Rare, and their hard work!