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SDCC Interview with Michael Ian Black of THE JIM GAFFIGAN SHOW

Last Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con, I had the chance to sit down with the hilarious comedian and actor Michael Ian Black for a one on one interview where he spoke about his new role as Daniel on The Jim Gaffigan Show and what his next “projects” are.

Chris Salce: I had the chance to preview the show and I thought it was hilarious, congratulations on the show. What can you tell me about what we can expect from the rest of the season?

Michael Ian Black: So ‘The Jim Gaffigan Show’ is about…Jim Gaffigan, his life and so every episode is sort of like his subconscious, his fears sort of come to life. It’s not like ‘Inside Out’ but as a writer, Jim writes about all the things that he’s freaked out about and some of those include food, getting fat and old…

Chris: and bacon?

MIB: and bacon…and whatever Jim Giffigan is interested in. It’s his life.

Chris: Is it awkward that Jim has someone else [Ashley Williams] playing his wife and his real life wife happens to work on the show also?

MIB: Uh…I don’t think so…I think Jim likes having two wives. I don’t blame him. I think it’s probably very fun to have a TV wife. You sort of get to cuddle with but then you don’t have to deal with her real life s**t.

Chris: It’s not cheating and he has to get paid for it!

MIB: No it’s not cheating, he has to do it! He has no choice! He hasĀ to be in bed with that woman.

Chris: So what can you tell me about your character and what the plans are for your character in the show for the near future?

MIB: My character is Jim’s nemesis, his wife’s best friend and my role is basically to make fun of Jim, which I’m comfortable doing.

Chris: It’s not that hard?

MIB: It’s not that hard, look at the guy…

Chris: [Laughs] What do you have going on other than this show?

MIB: Well my uh…my large animal circus is finally coming to fruition, where we are getting all the major carnivores and mammals in North America and putting them in the circus together and so you know how cirque du soleil has eliminated all of the animals, it just has the people, we are getting rid of the people and are just having the animals and they are not trained. They are just wild animals in an enclosure separated by four feet from the audience. So this will be the first season, I’m really looking forward to see how things shake out and come by!



The Jim Gaffigan Show airs July 15 on TV Land.