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SDCC Interview: Cast of POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE Talk Favorite Episodes, Seasons and More

This year was my second year covering San Diego Comic-Con for Nuke the Fridge. Last year, I had the honor and privilege to hang out with the cast of Power Rangers Super Mega Force and I also got to interview the Power Ranger legend, Jason David Frank, at the Power Rangers Power Lounge. This year, I was lucky enough to get invited back by Saban Brands to hang out in the lounge and interview the awesome cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge. Here is my interview with the cast…


Chris Salce: Were you guys fans of the Power Rangers franchise when you were younger?

Brennan Mejia & Yoshua Sudarso: Yes!

Chris Salce: Which ones were your favorite and why?

Mejia & Sudarso: Three…two…one…Time Force! Because it was really really good but if it wasn’t Time Force, I would have to say Ninja Storm or R.P.M. but Time Force really takes the cake. It had a lot of really great actors and they’re all such passionate actors and everything in it had a lot of depth.

IMG_8531 (2)
Bottom left to right: Claire Blackwelder, Michael Taber, Camille Hyde. Top left to right: Brennan Mejia, Yoshua Sudarso. Photo by Carlos Duncan

Chris: How does it feel to be part of the dinosaur legacy?

Camille Hyde: It’s awesome ’cause the roots of our shows legacy come from dinosaurs. It’s awesome to kind of be…not a reincarnation but kind of continue the base of what Power Rangers was made off of.

Brennan Mejia: There’s a lot of fan love already there for us because they’ve been following Rangers for twenty-two seasons now and there’s a lot to live up to as well. We don’t want to disappoint them. Some of us, like Yoshua and I, are super fans from the start, so we want to make this a show that we would be proud of watching. And the dinosaur theme, the third iteration, we gotta bring everything we have to this, so we all trained together, work out together, we would all discuss all of the character points. We all have different strengths so it’s just really cool to be able to use each other as resources to make us the best that we can be and hopefully that comes across on screen.

Chris: As far as the training part, what was the toughest part of the training?

Camille Hyde: The toughest part for me was staying on my feet [laughs].

Michael Taber: And she obviously didn’t complete her training [laughs].

Camille Hyde: Clearly…five minutes ago, I tripped standing still…? [Laughs].

Claire Blackwelder: It’s true!

Photo by Carlos Duncan

Michael Taber: It’s like an invisible munchkin just comes and picks her up [laughs].

Chris: When you guys found out you were going to be on the show, what was your first feeling, knowing that you were going to get to put on the suits and be the next rangers?

Camille Hyde: The first feeling was denial. I think the first words that came out of all of our mouths was ‘Nooo!’ Like you’re kidding right? It was pretty surreal. They kind of tricked us when we found out that we were all getting cast for it. They told us that we were coming in for one last audition and it was actually a sneaky way of telling us that we were getting cast for the show and all of us were in complete shock. Usually when you find out you’re getting cast for something, it’s like ‘Hey, you got booked,’ you know? But this is like wait really?!

Michael Taber: When they tricked us, we hadn’t heard from them in about a month, so we were just like waiting to hear. I kept asking my manager ‘Am I still in the running?’ My manager was like ‘Yes, you’re still i the running, they’re just taking a long time with this process.’ About a month later, I get another email from my manager that said they want to see you one last time. It didn’t make any sense because we had already been to like two screen test.

Brennan Mejia: They made us do a cold read and in the script, we had to open up a treasure chest and we are reading it and they are telling us these chests will reveal your destiny and we open it and there’s like a print out of our ranger color. And it was like congratulations!

James Davies: A cold read is when you basically get a script and you’ve never seen it before…

Brennan Mejia:…and it’s cold to the touch [laughs].

James Davies:…they leave it in the freezer for awhile [laughs]. No, but this particular time, they were like ‘No, just go in and read it.’ I think I can safely say we were all freaking out during that time. It was the worst audition I’ve ever done. Thank goodness I had already gotten the role [laughs] ’cause it’s really hard to do a good job when you don’t know what’s happening!

Yoshua Sudarso: And the thing is, my character is a caveman so when I was auditioning for it, I had this speech pattern that I was doing for the caveman and when I got the script, I was like ‘I can’t just cold read it, I have to analyze it and know where to do the speech pattern and know what words to change. I did it as a normal teenager and then I was like ‘Oh…you sneaky, sneaky!’

Photo by Carlos Duncan

Chris: Do you guys have any favorite episodes so far?

Yoshua Sudarso: My favorite one is yet to come.

Hyde & Blackwelder: Same!

Michael Taber: Same here but I guess my favorite episode that has aired so far would be the one where I bonded with my energem. Episode two.

Chris Salce: Is there anything that you hope happens later on in the season or seasons to come?

Michael Taber: Well I hope that we find all the energems [laughs].

James Davies: I hope that there are more episodes [laughs].

Michael Taber: Hopefully they don’t cancel us [laughs].

Chris: I don’t think the Power Rangers could ever get cancelled again.

James Davies: Well we’ve got zords so…

Claire Blackwater: Yeah, so if they mess with us, we’ve got a whole team of dinosaurs [laughs].

Chris: Do you guys have any favorite weapons that you like messing around with or that you hope to get?

Camille Hyde: I like my tricera-drill, it does the job.

James Davies: Yoshua is originally a stuntman and an amazing one at that but my character is more of against them, so it was really fun to be able to work with my blaster and learn to do cool tricks with it. My favorite weapon is my blaster.

Power Rangers Dino Charge returns Aug. 29 only on Nickelodeon.

Top left to right: James Davies, Brennan Mejia, Yoshua Sudarso Bottom left to right: Claire Blackwelder, Michael Taber, Camille Hyde, Chris Salce. Photo by Carlos Duncan