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SDCC: GODS & MONSTERS’ C. Thomas Howell Tells Us Which Superhero He’d Like to Play


During San Diego Comic-Con, I had the opportunity to sit down with a lot of the cast and creators of DC’s upcoming animated films. During Justice League: God & Monsters roundtables, I sat down with C. Thomas Howell. Most of you know him as Pony Boy from the Outsiders or as Tyler on E.T. but this time around, Howell voices Dr. Will Magnus in the upcoming film Justice League: Gods & Monsters and he talked about his role in the film and the animated universe, and which character he would love to do that he thinks hasn’t been done well yet.

Q: You are playing Dr. Will Magnus in ‘Justice League: Gods & Monsters’, how do you approach a character that has a lot of history, that most people don’t know about?

C. Thomas Howell: That’s a loaded question because Will Magnus is known for creating the Metal Men and he’s been around for a long time but this is a new world for us, and without getting into it, he’s sort of part of the origin story for Batman in our story. They are old friends, school buddies, he’s a scientist and he’s trying to help his friend out who has a rare blood disease and he inadvertently creates this sort of vampiric, larger than life superhero. Their paths go off in very different directions but the humanity in the relationship remains, which is something I think is really cool and when you see it, I think you’ll agree. It’s very insightful.

Q: What do you enjoy about voicing for a DC animated movie and would you want to return for another one?

Thomas Howell: It’s the relationships first and for most. You meet people like Andrea [Romano], Bruce [Timm] and Sam [Liu] and you look forward to coming into work everyday. Not just because it’s going to be creative but they are just really super cool people and that goes a long way for me. Whenever Andrea is involved, for me, I’m in it. The cool thing is is that I’m in the DC Universe with them and when I was a kid, Saturday cartoons were all we had, so ‘Super Friends’ was huge for me and I was a big comic book kid, now to be a part of it is awesome. It’s funny because I’ve done a ton of stuff and my kids can care less that I’m Pony Boy but the fact that I’m Reverse Flash, is bad ass to them [laughs].

Q: If you could pick one character to be, who would it be?

Thomas Howell: I would like to get over to the other side…I do enjoy playing villains a lot because I like to find the humanity in their faults and flaws, I enjoy that. I think superheroes are better when their flaws are exposed. It would be a b**** but I haven’t seen Aquaman done well and that’s a lot of gym time, so I might not be the man for that [laughs]. The villians can be a little out of shape and still get the job done.

Justice League: Gods & Monsters will be on Digital HD on July 14, and as a Blu-ray Combo Pack/DVD on July 28.