Screamfest LA 2013 Opening Night: Miners Terrorized by Subterranean Mutant Freaks, Good Time Had By All

Greetings and salutations, fellow Fridge Nukers! Bradfield here, reporting from the back alley behind the HaHa Cafe in beautiful, scenic, North Hollywood!

10-08-13 ScreamFest Opening Nite 07f
Screamfest LA at Laemmle’s NoHo

Screamfest LA is out of the gate and running! However, if you weren’t able to get in to last night’s sold out premiere of Beneath (starring Jeff Fahey), cheer up. There are still nine more nights of all-you-can-stomach gore and things that go “bump” in the night left in the festival, which is going on now, and continues through October 17th.

The evening began with the traditional “Black Carpet,” with not only cast and crew from Beneath, but writers, producers, directors, and stars from several of the films that will be shown over the course of the next week plus. In years past, the event was held at the Grauman’s Chinese, so while the shift in venue for 2013, to the Lammle NoHo 7 (5248 Lankershim Blvd) was a big change, it was in positive ways. For one, parking in NoHo is infinitely cheaper in North Hollywood than it is at Hollywood and Highland. Hollywood and Highland can also be problematic during festivals, especially during the week, because that’s when a lot of studios hold premieres for commercial movies in the Chinese Theater. So, if you’re behind schedule, and trying to make a movie, you might get held up by hundreds of people swarming the entertainment complex to get a good look at George Clooney.

10-08-13 ScreamFest Opening Nite 41 Lauren Gores & Kelly Noonan from "Beneath"
Lauren Gores & Kelly Noonan from “Beneath”

And while H&H can be quite convenient, in terms of a variety of  dining options — both on the premises, and within walking distance — the area surrounding the Laemmle is not without its share of culinary delights. For one, there’s the Brick Yard Pub, location of last night’s premiere party. There’s a Chipotle directly adjacent to the theater, if you need to grab some quick nourishment between movies. A quick festival-going tip from our Commander-In-Chief, Louis Love: DO. NOT. JAYWALK. The distance between the two crosswalks bordering the movie is longer than the average city block – and the perfect “ticket trap.” The sushi bar across the street will beckon. “I’ll just jet across when traffic clears,” you’ll think. Then, either a bicycle cop, or a cop on a Segue, that you didn’t see will roll up on you. A ticket’s bad enough. Do you want it written by a guy on a Segue??? No. You don’t.

Beneath writers: Chris Valenziano & Patrick J. Doody
“Beneath” writers: Chris Valenziano & Patrick J. Doody

I kind of have to digress. As I mentioned above, last night’s premiere of Beneath was sold out. Two theaters. It looks really good. It’s got Jeff Fahey in it. So… what’s “bad” for us is good for Screamfest LA. I say again, to horror fans in Southern California, or with the ability to get to SoCal: consult the Screamfest LA Film Guide, and get those tickets while they last!

As for me, it’s unseasonably cold and rainy, here in “Sunny” California, which means I’ve got to get out of here now, or I’ll be late for The Dead 2: India (the zombie apocalypse in, well… India). Also on my radar tonight: Delivery (which has been described to me as Keeping Up with the Kardashians meets Rosemary’s Baby).

Stay tuned for a Black Carpet gallery from Nuke the Fridge’s newest shutterbug, Robyn Bobby!