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“Scream” in Development as a Television Series

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With four “Scream” films in the franchise, it’s time for fan favorite villain Ghost Face to make a killing on the small screen. MTV has just announced that a television series is in development based on the “Scream” films.

Former MTV executives Tony DiSanto (“The Hills,” “Teen Wolf,” “Teen Mom”) and Liz Gateley (“The Hard Times of RJ Berger”) are on board to executive produce the project, with a search underway to find a writer to pen the series. There has been no news on whether “Scream” director Wes Craven or screenwriter Kevin Williamson will be involved.

Here is the plot for the original 1996 “Scream” film.

A teenage girl and her boyfriend are brutally slaughtered by a mysterious killer in a Halloween costume. Another girl, Sydney, is nearly killed, and a reporter, Gail Weathers, suspects that same killer was the one responsible for the rape and murder of Sydney’s mother a year earlier. Sydney’s boyfriend, Billy becomes the prime suspect. When he is released, Sydney and all of her friends go to a party, at their friend Randy’s house, where they drink and watch scary movies. They are guarded from the killer by Gail, and a police officer named Dewey. All of the teens who aren’t drunk go off to see the body of their principal, who was killed by the same murderer, leaving only five people at the party. After a sexual encounter with Billy, Billy is stabbed by the killer. Sydney finds Officer Dewey with a knife in his back, and Gail gets lost in the forest. Billy turns up alive, but Sydney realizes that there are two murderers. Her best friend’s boyfriend, Stuart, and Billy are the killers. Billy shoots Randy, and then Billy kills Stuart. Gail comes in with a gun, and kills Billy. Randy and Dewey turn out to be alive, and the only teens who survive are Sydney and Randy.

The “Scream” television series would follow on the heels of MTV’s successful “Teen Wolf” series, which is a darker version of the 1985 Michael J. Fox feature of the same name. “Scream” will no doubt go for the jugular and attract a younger audience.

No news on when the series will go into production.

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