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Lisa Gryson here!

I had chance to play a mobile game for Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse.  First of all,  let me tell you, that you won’t be able to put this game down.  I had so much fun playing it that you literally had to rip the phone out of my hands.   It’s like Angry Birds but with ZOMBIES!!  Who wouldn’t  love that – right?

The game that starts off easy and as you progress, it gets harder. It’s begins with The Neighborhood stage.  It contains 20 levels.  You must reach a certain amount of points to open up the next stage (The Prison, The Strip Club, etc).  You play as a zombie killin’ boy scout with what seems to be a homemade nail gun.  You can earn bonuses called scraps to unlock other weapons and zombies are placed in various locations.  The objective of the game is eliminate the zombies. The catch is, you are only given 5 shots.  So you must choose wisely.

During gameplay,  you’ll encounter several zombies.  You have Granny zombie and her cat.  If you kill her cat that makes her very angry.  You have the simple zombie which can be taken out with one shot. Bald man zombie.  If you shoot his toupee off, it makes him angry as well and he can not be shot. You must use an object to kill him.  Cop zombie but be careful of his shield.  Prison jumpsuit zombie.  Who has to make an dramatic exit.

I totally enjoyed this game and recommend it to anyone who loves zombies.  It’s a fun mobile game that you can take and play anywhere.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.  It’s highly addictive! Go download it today if you haven’t already!!

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