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Scott Pilgrim vs Nick the Ring Review!!!

Oh Scott, where have you been all my life? This movie kicks ass! Talk about watching a movie and being a part of cinematic history and getting that feeling that you know you are watching something EPIC! Even when the posters warn you of the EPIC OF EPIC EPICNESS, this movie lives up to it’s promo campaign! For those not familiar with this franchise, the movie was made in conjunction with the real-time release of the 6 issue series after the first issue was released,also of EPIC EPICNESS ( go buy them now! Now I say!) Being hired to review movies for this site from MY point of view,I have to note this movie is true to young teens and their curious ways of finding out who they are which in my book sets this movie apart from many in the same category dare I say. I would even say it has its own uniqueness in that it shows real happenings of teens exploring life while still telling its vivid fantastic journey of Scott Pilgrim doused with the greatest video game and nerd culture references along the way. Gay,straight,bi,bi-curious,smart,clever,tragically hip,stupid,vegan,vegan with leather belts and Sweatshop-made shoes by Converse/Nike. These are the things that make this movie real. At my age, I’ve lived those experiences to see all of our hypocrisies which some people learn from and evolve,and some never learn or give a rats ass.

Upon watching the film and being impressed with the smart perfect casting for each of the characters, I tried to answer for myself who stole the movie. Was it Micheal Cera who served it on an 8-BIT video coin, or was it Marie Elizabeth Winstead who reminded me of a focused young not yet wacked out Sean Young,or was it Keiran Kulkin who not only had some of the best lines,and delivery,he also steals boyfriends and permits us to laugh at things that a gay teenager deals with in real life and makes it so funny?

I wondered where Jason Schwartzman was going to come into play in this movie,not knowing much before viewing.Mr. Schwartzman does a fantastic job of playing the perfect shallow asshole that we all wish we could either be or at least know at one point or another even if it’s just to add color to our lives. Scott Pilgrim is a new level of camp that doesn’t try to be above you,everyone gets it. So who stole the show? For me, it had to be Gideons Ring (Schwartzman). Trying to leave some cool surprises ,you’ll just have to HEAR it for yourself.

The soundtrack is brilliant, go buy that too! God willing,gone are the days of the “playing-it-safe” hackneyed techno and pseudo hardcore rock.

Editing,lines intentionally cutting off the actors and leaving the audience to finish the line our heads,the sounds of Mario Brothers and Zelda,the things that made life cool when video technology was fun and inventive. Brilliant,Brilliant,Brilliant!

Pilgrim wins! Flawless Victory! CHA-CHING! I’m in Lesbians with Scott Pilgrim!

-Nick the Ring