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News has hit the wires that a “Terminator 5” project is up for grabs.  Director Justin Lin (Fast Five) has signed on to the project and the rights are up for bid.  Also, since leaving the California governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger has expressed interest in jump-starting his career and has tentative plans to star in a new Terminator project.

Agency CAA is shopping the rights around to Hollywood studios to drum up interest and capital.  Expensive to be sure, hedge fund company Pacificor paid $29.5 million for the rights after a bankruptcy auction in February of 2010.  Pacificor promised that additional multimillion-dollar payments for each film would go to Halcyon, the company that made the 2009 McG-directed “Terminator Salvation.”

Since Academy Award winning director/producer James Cameron gave up the rights to the franchise, the clock has been ticking to put more Terminator films in the can.  Copyright law states, if you assign your rights to another entity, those rights will revert back to you after 25 years.  So there is a mad scramble to put something together for a potential payday.  With Schwarzenegger and Lin attached to the project, the price tag to bring this feature into pre-production will probably be northward of $40 million.

No writer has been attached to the film, but the legendary Robert Cort will produce.

Questions from fans have surfaced such as: Isn’t it time to retire the 800 series Terminator model in favor of a younger actor? and, Will the storyline pick up where “Terminator: Salvation” left off?

What is your thoughts on this matter?

Sources: Deadline

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