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Schwarzenegger, Hamilton and Biehn “will be back” For TERMINATOR 5


Regardless of his age fans are itching to see Arnold Schwarzenegger return as a cyborg in another Terminator movie.  If you are one of those fans your dream may become reality because The Mirror is reporting that Schwarzenegger is set to “be back” for yet another Terminator film. The movie will open in theaters on June 26, 2015 and is being directed by Alan Taylor’s ( Game of Thrown, and  Thor: The Dark World ).

But that’s not all folks!

Rumors are also circulating the internet world that both Terminator franchise Alumni Linda Hamilton ( Sarah Connor ) and Michael Biehn ( Kyle Reese ) are also set to appear in the film. What’s odd about that rumor, if it turns out to be true, is that the next film was said to be a reboot. How does that place Connor and Reese into the storyline?  Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, don’t forget that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is also a front-runner to have a part in the film.