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Just a Bill

NBC’s Saturday Night Live has been around for almost forty years. The show has had its bright and dark moments, but once in a while a gem of a comedy sketch does shine. Last night the show opened with a political spoof of television’s classic Schoolhouse Rock short, “I’m Just a Bill.” 

The Bill from Schoolhouse Rock (Kenan Thompson) tries to explain how a bill is passed into law to a boy. Interrupted in the middle of his lesson, the Bill is strong-armed by President Obama (Jay Pharoah) and thrown down the Capitol Hill steps. Obama then introduces the new Executive Order (played by Bobby Moynihan,) who is duped into thinking he will be used in declaring holidays or creating national parks. Check out to how the cigarette-smoking Executive Order reacts after he finds out he’s actually being used for immigration!

The sketch did get a mention by Texas Senator Ted Cruz on Fox News Sunday, while railing against Obama’s Executive order.

Source: mediaite

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