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Sam Worthington Film, “The Fields” Get’s An Early Review!

Hey guys, my name is Mikey ( Long time reader of Nuke The Fridge ). I had a chance to check out a new film called THE FIELDS the other day & thought I’d send a review. Hope you like it.

Here it go’s:

According to the filmmakers, this film is inspired by true events.  The story takes place in present day Texas City, Texas.  Homicide Detective Mike Souder (Sam Worthington) is a recently divorced detective partnered with a New York transplant by the name of Brian Heigh (The Watchmen’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan.)  Brian is a practicing Catholic who is empathetic towards the victims.  After they have finished investigating a homicide scene of their own in Texas City, the two sleuths are called to investigate the disappearance of a girl in a neighboring county.  When the missing girl’s automobile is found in a dumping ground known as The Fields, Brian is fanatical about solving the case.  Mike is not too thrilled about the idea.

The fact is going into The Fields is out of their jurisdiction.  The killers taunt the detectives by using a cell phone belonging to one of the victims.  Brian is further compelled to solve the case when a young girl named Anne (Chloe Moretz) goes missing as well.  Brian knows Anne and has been watching over her like a guardian angel.  He pursues a lead and goes into the fields to save Anne and stop the killers.

Although this was shown to a test audience as a work in progress, it had a lot of problems that creative editing could not possibly fix.  The weakest part of the film is the script.  Barring a total rewrite, this film would almost be a total loss.  First, the detectives were working out of their jurisdiction, which was casually mentioned at the beginning of the film, and then it was never really made an issue from that point on.  A parallel storyline with a redheaded maniac named Rule (Jason Clarke) who beats prostitutes to death and steals cars is thrown into the mix for no good measure except to extend the running time of the film.  Also, this part of the story is never really resolved.  It is left hanging with Rule still on the loose.

There are a lot of holes in the plot.  It is discovered there are two killers.  Yet when Detective Heigh goes into The Fields after Anne, he ambushes one killer forgetting there is another.  Naturally, he is jumped and shot by the other perpetrator for his efforts.  There is also an issue of a frozen hand.  The detectives are called to a bait shop and bar in the boondocks where the hand had been discovered in a freezer.  The only issue the detectives are concerned about is a missing ring, which should have been on the hand.  Needless to say, the detectives beat the crap out of the drunks to recover the piece of jewelry. There is no mention of how the hand was recovered or how it got in the icebox. There is a great technical flaw in the transitions.  I know this was a print in the works, but it begs for transition scenes to allow time to pass in a proper fashion.  For example, there is a daytime scene where Detective Souder is firing a shotgun at Rule’s car as it speeds away.  In the very next scene, which takes place at night, the detective shows up in The Fields with his trusty dog to track down Anne.  This is starting to sound like Ed Wood, Jr. territory instead of The Fields.

I researched the story to find out if this indeed was inspired by true events.  The only truth I discovered was that the Karankawa Indians did live in the area known as The Fields some 150 years ago.  They were exterminated on the eve of the Civil War in 1860.  They were 7-foot tall cannibals who hunted, fished, and took oysters for food.  Some people feel these areas are haunted.  Aside from this history lesson, this is the only true event The Fields comes close to covering.

Overall, the plot is confusing.  The characters are not well written and the action is sporadic, and at times some of the finer details are lost or downplayed.  This film could not be a better candidate for worst movie of 2011.  Instead of seeing The Fields, a better option would be to run for The Hills.

The Fields has not been rated.  If one were to take a guess, it would probably garner an R rating due to the violence, gore, and language.  It is slated for a 2011 release.