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Sakura, Blanka, Sagat and Cody revealed for Street Fighter V season 3

Following the finals of the 2017 Capcom Cup, Street Fighter V producer Yoshinoriu Ono appeared on stage. Everyone in attendance at the event and those watching the livestream expected the first character announcement for the next season of Street Fighter V and we got just that as Capcom revealed a new character trailer highlighting the first character coming in January, Sakura!

Accompanying the Sakura reveal where a few silhouettes which we’ve come to expect from Capcom and rather than guessing who the next cast of characters, Ono revealed another video which showed off the new intro for the upcoming Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition which included all of the upcoming characters.

Joining Sakura will be Blanka, Cody, and Sagat along with new faces G and Falke. The new trailer looks pretty cool hinting at Evil Ryu may be coming as early as next season and gives Cody a completely different look than we’ve seen him in the Street Fighter Alpha series and more recently in the Street Fighter IV series. I have to wonder though, with this new look and lack of handcuffs does this mean Cody’s fighting style will change?

You can watch the Sakura character reveal trailer below, which shows off both her V-Skills in action as well as a brand new stage:

Sakura will be available to play as on January 16, 2018, when Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition drops with the rest of the cast set to release every few months afterwords.