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Ryan Reynolds, and What’s Going on with DEADPOOL?


Total Film magazine recently had an opportunity to interview actor Ryan Reynolds, who played Wolverine’s teammate and then nemesis as the character Deadpool in 2009’s “X-Men Origins: Wolverine.” In the brand-new issue, Reynolds (the current star of “R.I.P.D.”) assures fans that a Wade Wilson a.k.a. Deadpool spin-off feature is in the works, but the greenlight for the project is in a constant state of flux from studio 20th Century Fox.

The “Merc with the Mouth” film is a very edgy project, which would cause the studio some trepidation.  The superhero/anti-hero film would have to carry an “R” rating to present the Deadpool character in the proper light. This would narrow the film’s audience and present a more difficult sell at the box office. Reynolds made this amusing statement concerning the character taking the spotlight in his own movie.


“The character knows he’s a comic-book character, he knows he’s in a film, he knows who the executives are at the studio making the movie,” Reynolds explained. “In the current iteration of the script, Deadpool is aware of the Wolverine movie. He doesn’t say anything disparaging about it, but he does at one point play with the Deadpool action figure with some curiosity.”


“Deadpool” is in development. The film will star Ryan Reynolds. Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick (“Zombieland” writers) wrote the script, while Tim Miller is attached to direct.

“R.I.P.D.” opens on July 19th.

For more from Reynolds on “Deadpool,” “R.I.P.D.” and comic-book movies, pick up issue 209 of Total Film magazine, which is out now!

Source: Total Film