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Rumored STAR WARS: EPISODE VII Casting Call Discovered

Below is what a few sites are reporting as a rumored casting call for Star Wars: Episode VII. Have a look…


The apparent casting call was posted on Twitter by UKOpenCall & found by Jedinews, & reportedly confirmed by a site called BleedingCool, which says that they have “confirmed that Nina Gold & Disney will be holding a series of new Star Wars open casting sessions in cities across the UK.” They also mention that it will be “for the lead role & key supporting role in Episode VII.

Cinema Blend is also trying to piece it all together making a little storyline from what the casting call is asking for. Here’s what they are saying, “It’s perhaps possible that Thomas is the son of Princess Leia and that Han Solo turned out to be a deadbeat dad – but even that they may be a stretch.”

Once again, this casting call could really be for anything. As reported yesterday, Abrams is hoping to keep all Star Wars news secretive simply for the sake of trying to keep an awe factor for the film, so at this point, it’s hard to confirm anything Episode VII related. IF this IS a casting call for Star Wars, the names aren’t necessarily the names that they will use for sure in the film but could be just names that they are going with as of now which will most likely change later on.

Source: Jedinews, Bleeding Cool, Cinema Blend