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Rumored Red Five Movie and its Different Possibilities


A few days ago, new rumors were made about the future Star Wars films that could be in the works. The list included standalone films from Boba Fett and Han Solo,  the new Disney Star Wars trilogy (which is already known to happen), the list also had a film on there with the title of “Star Wars: Red Five,” which has already had the internet buzzing for the last couple of days.

This “Red Five” film has had lots of speculation on the internet of what it could be about. Various sites and fans have came up with the different possibilities that the film could be about. We already know the most famous one to use the callsign of Red Five, is Luke Skywalker so other than that, other characters that have went by the callsign “Red five” are:

  • Anakin Skywalker during the Clone Wars
  • An “unknown clone trooper pilot” that was killed during a mission in Tythe
  • Chewbacca during a mission to Kamino
  • Grizz Frix during the battle of Endor.

So the possibilities could be any of these except for Luke and Anakin, since they’ve already had their stories told in the original trilogy and the prequels. It’s also possible that it could be a new character that we will see in the future Abrams trilogy or even about a whole Red Squadron of X-wing fighters as Geek Tyrant speculated.

We will not know much about this rumored film for years to come since the rumored date for the film is 2020.

Also mentioned on Cinema Blend was that “Geek Tyrant reports that several other Star Wars news sites ran the release schedule, and the Red Five storyline as the base for a sequel, but were told to take the information down.” Which when that happens, it is often the case that info that they reported, is most likely true and the studios don’t want the information out there yet. Only time will tell.

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