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[Rumor] SNES Games List and Other Emulators Found in NES Online App

A data miner has uncovered a list of SNES games buried within the NES Online app after last months update. Also, someone else uncovered additional emulators within the app as well.

Noted by Nintendo Life, another data miner (@OatmealDome) found four different emulator types within the NES Online app.

  • Kachikachi (NES Classic)
  • Canoe (SNES Classic)
  • Hiyoko (???)
  • Count (???)

It was also pointed out by @OatmealDome, that the NES Online app is essentially a port of the NES Classic emulator. This could mean we could see a port of the SNES Classic emulator as well. The list of SNES games that were recently just uncovered would support this evidence.

There are two additional emulators found as well, which could indicate more emulators coming to the service or even more Classic Consoles. If this is true, there might be some other games that would come from other Nintendo consoles, including Game Boy, Game Boy Advanced, or even the Nintendo 64.

The addition of SNES games and two more additional systems would make the Nintendo Online Service an absolute must-have for all Switch owners. Let’s hope this becomes a reality soon enough.

Source: Twitter – OatmealDome via Nintendo Life