Rumor: David S. Goyer Pitches DC Vertigo’s SANDMAN Adaptation to Warner Bros.


Many of the comic book to film adaptations that you’ve seen have something in common. That is the man who has written quite a few of them, David S. Goyer. He has written screenplays such as 3  Blade films, Batman Begins, The Crow: City of Angels & also the most recent hit movie, Man of Steel. Now it’s rumored that he has pitched for yet another comic book to film adaptation.

Badass Digest is reporting the comic book movie that he pitched to Warner Bros., is none other than Neil Gaiman’s Sandman. The site even goes as far to say that Geoff Johns is “very much behind Goyer’s version” & that “Joseph-Gordon-Levitt is involved & is “almost certainly intending to play Morpheus, the lead character.”  The site says all of this came from a “trusted source.”

When it comes to Joseph Gordon-Levitt being involved, JGL has said many times before in the past, that if he is involved in a project, he will usually talk a lot about it publicly & if he doesn’t talk about it, it’s more than likely just a rumor. So that part will stay a rumor until we hear him say otherwise.

The site also mentions that the Sandman film is in the very early stages. It’s being said that it’s just as far as talk for right now.

Sandman is a comic book series from Neil Gaiman. The Sandman came out of the proposal by Gaiman to revive it’s 1974-1976 series. The debut issue of Sandman first went on sale in October of 1988. The main character of the book is known as Dream, the lord of dreams aka Morpheus Oneiros, among other nicknames. Gaiman summarized the plot of the series as “The Lord of Dreams learns that one must change or die, and makes his decision.”

As of now, this is all just a rumor but we would like to know what you think. Is DC’s Vertigo series Sandman, a good idea to turn into a movie?

Source: Badass Digest