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How the Role of Groot, Helped Vin Diesel Cope with Paul Walker’s Death


Vin Diesel and Paul Walker were brothers. Not by blood, but by bond. When Walker died in a tragic car accident last November, it was a huge blow to the cast of “Fast & Furious,” especially to Diesel. At a press conference for “Guardians of the Galaxy,” Diesel describes how the film helped him cope with the loss of a brother.

Via Moviepilot:

For me, it was at a very important time that I did this. Because it was in December. It was the first time I was coming around humans again and the first time I was working again, since—there was something very therapeutic about, in my personal life, but I guess in my professional life, too, dealing with death, and then playing a character that celebrates life in the way that Groot celebrates life.

I took my kids to the screening to see this movie, and…something very beautiful happened in playing this role. Something that, as an actor, I never would have imagined. And that is that when my kids see trees, they refer to them as my brothers and sisters. The idea of being associated with trees like that, is remarkable, it’s so much more gratifying than you ever could imagine.

I was lucky. I was really lucky that that specific role came up.”

Simply put. A role with just a few words, “I am Groot,” helped Diesel in such a huge way.