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RoboCop: Last Stand #1 Review

Insert “I’d buy that for a dollar!” joke here

Robocop - Last Stand 001-000

Remember how awesome the first RoboCop movie was? Remember how meh RoboCop 2 was? Remember swearing you’d never go to the theater ever again when you saw RoboCop 3? We’ve all heard how different Frank Miller’s script was suppose to be from what we shook our heads at. Well, Boom! Studios says it’s about time the world saw what Miller really envisioned his RoboCop movie to be and it looks like it was suppose to be bad-ass.

Steven Grant carves out a great script from Frank Miller’s original story while weaving in his own fingerprint of structure and pace. We’re thrown back into OCP’s third world detroit and RoboCop is a vigilante fugitive; fighting crime while trying to take down the root of evil in Detroit. The narrative is simply inspired. This franchise is at its strongest when writers put intriguing characters to play off their protagonist and this series looks to continue that tradition. Along side that are big guns, insane bad guys, and RoboCop demolishing everyone.

The art of Korkut Oztekin blends well with the RoboCop universe. One problem with the films and a few of the old books was sometimes the art was too colorful for a near post-apocalyptic world. Oztekin’s gritty line weight really lends emotion to the story through the images. Usually there’s a bit of a trade with the action when an artist nails the world a writer is trying to create. Not here. This is some of the best RoboCop action since he pummeled Red Foreman into a pile cocaine.

Robocop - Last Stand 001-018

One of the books only weaknesses is the exposition. There’s a lot of set up in this issue for a series primarily catered to those who followed the previous series or remember the films. However this series is definitely one of the pleasant surprises of the month and unquestionably deserves your attention.

8 out of 10 Fantastic! So great it makes you wonder how Frank Miller ever ruined The Spirit.