This is How Robin Williams May Be Immortalized in WORLD OF WARCRAFT


Last week, a petition was passed to get the late comedian Robin Williams, to be immortalized into one of his favorite games, “World of Warcraft.” ¬†Well now, the latest beta revealed that Robin Williams may be in the game as more than one character.

The latest beta build revealed a new NPC called “Robin the Entertainer.” Here is the genie:



Now with a character like a genie, (paying homage to Robin’s character Genie from “Aladdin”) a lot of fans have speculated by him being a genie, he could also shapeshift into other forms. Here are some of the other characters that fans are speculating as being tied to Robin Williams:

Some say this human woman, may be a nod to Mrs. Doubtfire


Some are guessing this is supposed to be a WOW version of Mork. Mainly because of the red suspenders.

Also another character that the fans are suggesting, is a troll, with the name Jumanji. has reached out to Blizzard to confirm that these are indeed the characters that Blizzard plans on paying homage to the late great Robin Williams, but they have yet to receive confirmation as of now.

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