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Rob Liefeld Sings Nothing But Praise for the X-FORCE Screenplay

X Force

Comic book artist and creator Rob Liefeld announced that the script for 20th Century Fox’s adaptation of Marvel’s X-Force comic book is in the can. Liefeld, who created the characters and superhero teams such as Deadpool, Cable, X-Force, Supreme, Bloodstrike, Prophet and Glory, sang nothing but praise for “X-Force” writer/director Jeff Wadlow. Barely containing himself, Liefeld took to his Twitter account to share the good news!

Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

I was fortunate enough to read the current draft of the X-Force film last week, and I can tell you, it was beyond impressive!

9:43 AM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

The best part of the film is the camaraderie between the team as they learn to cope and trust one another!

9:44 AM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeldrobertliefeld@robertliefeld

There are at least 4 sequences that long time fans of X-Force, Cable and Deadpool will scream in absolute delight!

9:46 AM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

Perfectly plausible to see the X-Force and Deadool stand alone film released within 6 months to a year of one another. Great times ahead.

9:47 AM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

I will not divulge the cast of X-Force, gotta keep some stuff under wraps.

9:50 AM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

X-Force cast/film will please/appeal to fans of all eras. Wadlow carefully, cleverly navigates the legacy.

2:43 PM – 3 Dec 2013


Rob Liefeld robertliefeld@robertliefeld

Every film needs a proper script b4 they can cast&shoot. 1st mission accomplished for X-Force-When the casting begins we can scream together

2:58 PM – 3 Dec 2013

Could this mean a standalone Deadpool film is near to its long waited start?

X-Force is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero team, one of several spin-offs of the popular X-Men franchise, and the eponymous subject of the X-Force comic book series. Conceived by writer/illustrator Rob Liefeld, the team was formed in New Mutants, vol. 1 #100 (April 1991) and soon afterwards was featured in its own series.

Here is the storyline for the action/adventure/fantasy film.

A time-traveler (Cable) assembles a team of mutants in order to prevent the wrecked future he came from.

“X-Force” comes to theaters sometime in 2016. Jeff Wadlow wrote the screenplay, based on characters created by Rob Liefeld. Jeff Wadlow directs.

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