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River City Girls To Receive Physical Edition Thanks To Limited Run Games

As if River City Girls couldn’t get any cooler Limited Run Games announced that not only will we be getting a physical version of the upcoming beat em up but those who purchase a copy will also receive a one disc physical soundtrack sampler disc.

River City Girls was first announced a month ago and is a joint project with Wayforward and Arc System Works. The game follows Misako and Kyoko two girls with very distinct personalities as they tear up everything and everyone in River City to find their boyfriends.

The game is gorgeously styled and the gameplay looks to be extremely fun. I for one welcome our new anime overlords.

River City Girls will be released on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC on September 5th.

The preorders for the Limited Run physical editions will be limited to PS4 and Nintendo Switch and begin August 30th. Pre-orders will be open for one month.

Stay tuned for more River City Girls news in the future.