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Comic Book Review: THE MOVEMENT #1


Caliburn24 here taking the power back with The Movement #1 by Gail Simone and Freddie Williams II.

The cover has the young heroes of The Movement looking down while the moon shines with cloudy symbols around it. The comic takes place in the fictional Coral City (the other Coral Cities are in an app game and also on a Star Wars planet). The city features run down buildings and some shady women on the street corner. Two police officers are cornering two young people. They take away from drugs for their own use and in a close-up, one cop reaches for the young girl and asks her for a little peek. His words are repeated in a recording. The officers are startled by the repeating of “little peek” and a hooded figure in the alley. The figure raises up a cellphone with i.c.u. on its screen. The cops draw their guns and then think twice when they see the whole alley filled with people wearing the mask of the hooded person and holding up their cellphones.

The captain is at his desk in the police station. His phone call to his wife is interrupted by the news report of the two officers and the notice that the video was released by Channel M. He goes off to confront the officers, but they say they can’t be fired because the city council has authority. He is interrupted again by an officer telling him about the Cornea Killer. At night in the `Tweens neighborhood, a pastor goes to talk to a young man who says his name is Burden. The next scene has the captain standing over the body of a victim. His eyes were cut out and he is lying in a pool of water. The captain is upset that rats are chewing on the body. The pastor takes Burden into the church. He flips his head around Exorcist-style and then his possessed eyes are a glow.

The report of the killer is given to the captain and while he mobilizes his officers, the city streets several members of the Movement are contacted. There is the angelic robot woman, Katharsis, and a woman named Tremor (she first appeared in Gail Simone’s Secret Six #25). The police corner the church and the captain breaks down the door. Burden is floating in the middle of the church. An officer picks up a rat with a “Read Me!” note attached to it. He unfolds the note and sees “WAR” on it. A pale, Goth figure explodes out of the floor calling himself Mouse with a swarm of rats. Burden free from possession collapses. The police have Tremor covered, she kneels and put sher fingertips to the ground. This unleashes an earthquake that shatters police cards and scatters the police. Mouse leaves the church with his rats. The captain is confronted by Virtue the masked leader of the Movement.

One of the officers in the video at the beginning is confronted by Katharsis who folds her wings back and picks a fight with the burly officer. A full page is broken up by panels showing the fight as Katharsis knocks him down in a bloody mess as she says she’s making a citizen’s arrest. Virtue says she’s going to read the captain, she is transformed into an energy form and flies across the city. She returns to her normal form and says that his wife is having an affair with an officer. The woman explains that she can ride emotions. The Movement gathers together and says that the captain should leave. He runs to the church and in a splash sees the church filled with Movement masks. It is an interesting take on super heroes with the Movement representing the enmpowerment of young people in the digital age.

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