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XO_038_COVER-A_SANDOVALX-O Manowar is finally getting hitched!

Issue #38 (Wedding Spectacular!) consists of a 48 page series of stories. The main one being the X-O Manowar wedding which is 24 pages long, the rest of the pages consist of four other stories written by popular comic book writers.


As far as the wedding story goes, it’s a very emotionally driven story. Aric aka X-O Manowar gets a message from a ghost of his past and this (along with nearly dying) has Aric reevaluating his life. This leads to asking Aric asking Lady Saana to be his queen. Now the whole time I’m reading this, I’m waiting for some type of alien invasion to stop the wedding, well that doesn’t happen. As a matter of fact, there isn’t any type of action in the story but we do see a cameo of Valiant characters making an appearance at the wedding.



The other stories are from Rafer Roberts, Amy Chu, Robert Venditti and Andy Runton. The one I particularly liked was the one by Amy Chu called Lady Saana. In this story, Lady Saana is preparing for the wedding and she is talking to a little girl named Vina who hopes she can be a beautiful queen like Lady Saana, one day. Lady Saana explains to her that she will be and that Visigoth women are ready to face whatever lies ahead of them.

If you are looking for action, this issue doesn’t have any whatsoever but if you’re looking for a good story and good art, then this is one you would want to pick up. X-O Manowar #38-Wedding Spectacular hits stores July 1.

Check out these variant covers for the issue: