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Review: TURBO FAST Including the Kevin Conroy ‘Stinger of Injustice’ Episode

Turbo_FastDreamwork’s Animation Turbo FAST will be premiering exclusively on Netflix July 31. I have watched two of the episodes, ‘Home on Our Own,’ which features Modern Family‘s Sarah Hyland and the other episode is ‘Stinger of Injustice’ featuring the voice of Batman from Batman: The Animated Series, Kevin Conroy. Here’s my review of the two episodes.

Let’s start with ‘Home on Our Own.’ In ‘Home on Our Own,’ Skid and Shadow get to stay home while the others are away. Now what would be the best thing to do while you have the home to yourself? Binge watch your favorite TV shows of course! Well in this case, Skid and Shadow can’t wait to catch up on the current season of ‘Gossip Snail.’ There’s a catch though, there’s spoilers everywhere before they even get the chance to watch it.


I really thought the whole spoiler alert theme of the episode was pretty hilarious and very accurate. These days you can’t go on social media without someone spoiling a show or movie that just came out five seconds before, so that was one of my favorite parts of the episode. Also, the shows seems to be for all ages because the show makes references to popular films like The Hobbit.

Now for the second episode, ‘Stinger of Injustice.’ Just by looking at the name, you know it’s going to feature some sort of superhero and especially when you see that Kevin Conroy will be a special guest in the episode. In this episode, Kevin Conroy voices the Stinger who looks like an insect version of Batman. The Stinger takes Turbo in as a sidekick, Shell Boy, and the two attempt to cleanse the streets of crime. Kevin Conroy is totally in his element and delivers even while poking some fun at the seriousness of the character he is most known for. I really liked this episode because it parodies Batman from Batman: The Animated Series. Batman-Kevin-Conroy-Turbo-FAST-Stinger-570x285

Surprisingly, Turbo FAST caters to all ages. It brings the younger generation and older generation together by taking characters from the Turbo film and having quite a bit of references that only the older generation would understand. The one thing that I wish was different was the length of the episodes. The ‘Home on Our Own’ episode was just eleven minutes long and the ‘Stinger of Injustice’ episode was twelve minutes long. The episode lengths can actually work as a good thing since kids often have a short attention span, so in that case, the episode lengths work perfectly.

If the rest of the season of Turbo FAST plays out a lot like these two episodes, and I hope it does, it’s sure to be a big hit.

Catch new episodes Turbo FAST on on Netflix, July 31.