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25922Based on the hit RPG’s, The Witcher: Fox Children follows a crew of the Prophet ship. While a violent storm sends them off course, the crew starts dealing with strange occurrences and are forced to fight to survive something from the unknown.

I have never played any of the Witcher games, so I’m new to these types of stories and characters. The Witcher: Fox Children #2 is a lost at sea type of story. There are supernatural things happening amongst the cursed ship and it gets more and more deadlier each time. From zombie like warrior creatures to deadly snakes, there’s no telling what is next and that’s what makes this story good. It’s completely unpredictable. Just when you think the crew has made it out of one thing, there’s something much more brutal waiting around the bend. In this case, quite literally.


Fans of adventure and horror will definitely want to check this one out. It has witches, ghouls, deadly storms and more. There’s never knowing what is in store for the crew and that keeps the story interesting and makes you want to turn the page. Paul Tobin is great at throwing those curveballs at you when it comes to storytelling. In my opinion, unpredictability is the best thing about comics and that’s where this series hits the mark.

The Witcher: Fox Children #2 hits stores May 6.