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The final issue of Grimm Fairy Tales: The Jungle Book: Fall of the Wild  hits stores tomorrow (April 29.), here’s my review of the finale issue (#5).

Now, this is my first issue that I’ve read of The Jungle Book series and I wish I had started from the beginning because this final issue was spectacular.

In this issue, we see Mowglii try to unite all of the tribes of the jungle. The issue is an all out war with the tribes fighting among themselves, against each other and even some deadly pirates get involved. Mowglii comes back to unite the tribes and convince them to stand together against the pirates who are planning on taking over the jungle and take Mowglii. Things get violent and bloody when the pirates show up.

I really enjoyed this issue because it kept me entertained and interested with all of the action that was going on. It made me regret not reading the series before. I loved the way the Zenescope team designed Mowglii and they absolutely pulled off making Mowglii female.

The art was absolutely amazing in this one and it was done by Michele Bandini and Luca Claretti. It was very smooth looking and bold with beautiful colors by Grostieta.

If you haven’t been reading this series, definitely check it out. I know I will be doing so. I’m glad Zenescope decided to add it to their Grimm Fairy Tales line.