Review: The Grimm Fairy Tales Presents: THE LITTLE MERMAID #5

mermaid05aThe final issue of Meredith Finch’s run of The Little Mermaid comes out June 24 and it was just as I suspected, epic.

In issue #5 of The Grimm Tales: The Little Mermaid, Erica’s fate is decided and so is the fate of her people. As the kingdom of Atlantis attempts to rescue her from the laboratory where she was being tortured, (unknowing that she has just escaped) there is an all out war between Atlantis and some inhuman creatures.

This final issue is all action which is a good way to end a story arch. Erica continues to develop more powers until the end of the story. Her power prove to be crucial in the final battle and her powers and will to avenge determine her and her people’s fate.

I have read every issue of this series and Meredith Finch was such a good choice for it. She created a new character out of a character that was already widely known around the world. Finch made the Little Mermaid even more of a strong willed woman and made her totally fit into the whole comic book world.

I think that fans of comic books will welcome this Little Mermaid with open arms because she just kicks ass and has a really good backstory. Both men and women can equally enjoy this series.

I give this issue 8 fridges out of 10 and the whole series 9 fridges out of 10.

Here are the variant covers for issue #5:

Emilio Laiso Variant
Mike Krome Variant