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Review: ‘Ted 2’ Unrated Blu-ray Combo Pack: Unrated Means More Laughs and Dirtier Jokes

sUcn1Dx3IoQtC09Mi8jIczWrt2nJnnGdzkqANhY6zDE-2Ted 2 Unrated combo pack is available tomorrow (Dec.15). I got my hands on a review copy and here’s an early review!

Going into Ted 2, I didn’t have high expectations because I wasn’t a fan of the first one at all. So I put in the disc and decided to watch the unrated version of Ted 2 and it actually made me laugh more than the first one and the Ted 2 theatrical version.

Please bear with me while I explain the storyline. In Ted 2, Ted decides to settle down and get married. As he decides to have a baby with his wife (keep in mind, it’s a movie about a talking teddy bear), Ted is declared property by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This begins a downward spiral for Ted and his thunder buddy John (Mark Wahlberg) as they try to find a lawyer to fight for his rights back.


Since Seth MacFarlane wrote, directed and starred in this sequel, you can expect a lot of the same type of comedy that you would see in Family Guy. Dirty jokes, puns, movie references (which I appreciated) and jokes that can run a bit long. In this sequel, it felt like the jokes were funnier and dirtier, even dirtier in the unrated version. I found myself actually laughing this time around, unlike the first one where I felt like I was just confused of what I was watching. I really liked the cameos in this film. There’s a number of cameos from people that you wouldn’t ever expect.



If you are wondering if there’s a big difference in the theatrical and unrated versions of the film, the answer is: Yes! Like I mentioned before, the unrated version has some dirtier jokes but it also has some extended scenes and more scenes than the theatrical, so it also has a longer runtime. I found the unrated version to be funnier than the theatrical version.

Bonus Features

The bonus features included with the movie were also a surprise. With the Blu-ray, there are some exclusive bonus features. These exclusives are: Deleted Scenes, Gag Reel, Cameo Buddies and A Giant Grand Opening Dance Number, on top of the non-exclusive bonus features, which are: Thunder Buddies 4 Lyfe, Creating Comic-Con, Roadtripping and Feature Commentary. All of the bonus features together ran for about an hour, which is really good considering some in-home releases just add 10 to 30 minutes of bonus features, if  that.


Included in the unrated combo pack are the Blu-ray, DVD and digital HD. These are all cased in the standard Blu-ray case, which is covered by a cardboard slip cover.


There’s not many sequels that are better than the first but here’s a sequel that is. As much as I didn’t like the first Ted film, Ted 2 unrated made up for it. I know the idea of a talking teddy bear movie for adults is a ridiculous idea but it’s supposed to be. There were some jokes that weren’t funny but I did laugh out loud at some and it had some “wtf” moments. You can’t ask for much more out of a movie about a walking, talking teddy bear.  I loved the cameos in the film and seeing Mark Wahlberg in his native Bostonian element. The bonus features were great. You get to see a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff including how Ted was brought to life and you get to hear from just about everyone that was a part of the film.

I give the Ted 2 Unrated Blu-ray combo pack 7 fridges out of 10.