In this issue, we continue the stories of Han, Chewie, Luke & Wedge as they all have their own sub-stories & are all trying to escape their own bit of danger. Han & his new acquaintance Perla, try to avoid being captured by deadly bounty hunter, Boba Fett. Chewie has also got into a little space chase of his own as he too, is trying to avoid a bounty hunter named Bossk. An infamous Trandoshan bounty hunter who hates Wookies.

Luke & Wedge’s story continues from the star destroyer Devastator, where they are being held captive. Luke & Wedge attempt to escape the ship but not without a fight from the Stormtroopers.

But taking center stage of this issue is Princess Leia as she goes back to what is left of her home planet Alderaan. Flying through what looks like an astroid field, Alderaan has been blown to pieces thanks to the Empire’s weapon of destruction, the Death Star. Leia arrives at a space station that is surrounded by fragments of Alderaan. There, she meets a man named Rogaren who has been salvaging wreckage from Alderaan as well as collecting from black market traders. But Rogaren is not exactly what he seems to be.

Overall the story is pretty interesting as we find out more of what happened between episodes IV & V. The book is pretty lengthy compared to other comics out right now & the art is well done. The cover also looks amazing as it displays a life-like Leia floating in space, surrounded by scattered peices of Alderaan. It’s one of my favorite covers of the series so far. This issue was action packed with a lightsaber battle & a lot of blasters involved.We also see Darth Vader for a few pages at the end as he finds out who exactly his star destroyer has captured. So far, none of the issues of the series have been a let down as writer Brian Wood seems to be doing really well by creating all new stories within an already well known story. Which is pretty hard to do. If you think you’ve been missing out on this series, Dark Horse has just released this series in trade paperback form. So if you’re a Star Wars fan, do yourself a favor & pick it up. If you’re not a fan, then I suggest to save your money for some other series because it may be a bit confusing for people that aren’t too familiar with Star Wars.