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Review: NINJAK # 4: Meet Roku


Ninjak #4 is something that I have been waiting for simply because it’s all about Roku.

In Ninjak #4, there is little of Ninjak as it serves as the origin story to Ninjak’s deadly enemy, Roku. We see the origin of the woman with the deadliest hair in Valiant. There is some action but not much, which is rare for a Ninjak book, and there isn’t much dialogue either in this issue but lots of narration from Roku, who tells her own story and it’s brilliant as you would expect nothing less from writer Matt Kindt.


As soon as I read Ninjak and found out about Roku, the deadly assassin, I loved the character. She looks awesome and kicks ass. I have read each of the Ninjak issues and it was just making me want a Roku standalone series and issue #4 is the closest that I’ll get to that for now.


There is also another The Lost Files story included in this issue but this one is about another Ninjak villain as it tells his origin story as well.

If you haven’t picked up your current pull list this week, add this one to it. It’s been a really good series so far and has some great characters.

Ninjak #4 is out now.

Check out these variant covers for the issue: