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Review: NEVERBOY #4


From the mind of Shaun Simon is Neverboy, a comic that is like no other comic out there.

Neverboy is a series all about imagination. In Neverboy #4, an artist named Julian Drag discovers his imagination for art in a diner, he gets addicted and his mind feeds on it as if it’s a drug. Now if Julian soaks up all the imagination, what’s left for everyone else? What is a world without child having imagination? Now while this is happening, Neverboy is in a dilemma of his own. Depressed because his wife and son left, his past comes back to him at a time that maybe he needs it the most.

I really like this series because it really is unlike anything out there. It sounds funny to say that imagination is a really important thing but it really is if you for a child, an artist, a writer or musician. You count on your imagination to be there in order to keep making your own creations. Now, what if someone was trying to take that away from you? It’s a very interesting topic to think of.


In this series, the ability of going in and out of imagination is actually seen and displayed. Shaun Simon’s vision of what the imaginary world and reality are shown perfectly with Tyler Jenkins’ art. It really makes the panels pop. nvboy4p4Neverboy #4 is in stores June 3.