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Review: Killer Zombie Monkey from Outer Space


This is a book written, illustrated and colored from pretty much one guy. His name is Matt Davis. I met Matt at Wonder Con earlier this year. He was just one of the many awesome people that I crossed paths with at this great convention. Matt and I have kept in touch since and he was even kind enough to give me a digital copy of his book, which he was promoting at Wonder Con. So I read it, and here is the review.

Killer Zombie Monkey from Outer Space, is a book about a group of researchers in Antarctica  that come across this mummified looking, astronaut monkey and they have no idea where it came from or how it got there. The researchers quickly go from being amazed and feeling like they have discovered a gold mine, to being a part of the food chain and fighting for their lives.

While reading the book, I right away got the sense of an 80’s horror B-movie or one of those B-movies that you’d find on Netflix. B-Movies aren’t quite my thing but I know there’s a lot of them out there with cult followings and this could be one of those but in book version. The book is filled with quirky deaths that you wouldn’t even imagine, along with “rude” humor that you would possibly think about but you wouldn’t ever expect to actually read it in a book. The book does pay homage to some very popular films such as The Thing, Evil Dead, and Back to the Future, so it was fun to see those types of references throughout the book.

If you’re into zombies, B-movies, horror, blood and gore or just want to read something unique, then this book is for definitely for you. If you’re a person that gets easily offended, then this would not be something you’d even want to open haha. Also I would not recommend this to minors but then again, there’s not many comics out there that are actually for kids nowadays.

You can pick your own copy up and get more info about this book at http://www.killerzombiemonkey.com/