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Harley Quinn is one of the most loved villains in comic book history. She was originally brought out of the 90’s Animated Batman series & then made her way into the comic book world. That’s how well fans took to her character. She has since been involved in many comic book series & now, has one more to add to very impressive run. It’s known as none other than, Harley Quinn.

Harley Quinn starts from issue #0 which debuted today & is already a big hit. After speaking with a comic book employee at my local comic shop, he said that not only did they order heavy on this issue, but it has been the best selling book of the day.

This book features up to 17 artist & writers. Some of the most famous artist take part in this book such as Jim Lee, Amanda Conner, & Bruce Timm just to name a few. So you get to see so various types of art styles. Pretty much a different art style for every page.

The story is written by both Amanda Conner & Jimmy Palmiotti. There’s not much of a storyline…well let me take that back, the storyline is that Harley Quinn tries to come up with a storyline as she imagines what it would be like to have her own comic series.



One of the very cool parts of the book is that Harley interacts with the writers as they talk back & forth like if Harley is pitching the comic ideas to Conner & Palmiotti, as they are writing & drawing it. As you can imagine, Harley’s very insanely, unstable, creativity comes out quite a lot in this book. As she jumps page to page throughout the story, she jokes with the writers & artists about their writing & drawing abilities. She even makes jokes about how much Jim Lee gets paid. Which I thought was pretty funny.

After reading this, it left me wanting more & that’s when you know that you had a good time reading a book. A friend of mine & I discussed & agreed, that Harley Quinn #0 shows a very “neat new way of story-telling.” It reminded me a lot of the Batman Black & White series out right now. It is a good way to introduce different artist to fans, if they aren’t already familiar with them. It will get a giggle or two out of you if you have a sense of humor & even more if you are very familiar with these artist. I highly recommend that you go out & buy this book. At only $2.99, it’s definitely worth the buy.