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Key-Art-GoT-105-1920x1080Telltale Games have recently came out with episode five of their six part Game of Thrones story. Wondering if you should get it? Well maybe my review will help, so here it is…

I have played all of the episodes up until this point and the story has been good so far. You can see my review of episodes 1-4 here, where things like graphics, gameplay and the storyline are discussed.

Episode 5: A Nest of Vipers was an interesting one for many different reasons.

In A Nest of Vipers, you continue to attempt to keep the House of Forrester from falling to the Whitehills. Though you do get to play as four different members of the Forresters, this particular episode seemed to be mainly centered around Rodrik and Asher. Both have their share of action as does the small part of Gared that you get to play. Episode five is probably the most action filled episode of all the five episodes. These actions scenes almost hold no threat as they are very easy to beat. Though it had quite a bit of action, the episode also seemed really short in length but is actually about 1.5 hours long depending on playing style.


A Nest of Vipers was filled with lots of gore and is probably the goriest of any Telltale game series that I’ve played. There were people’s throats being slit, organs cut out and more. So if you’re into that kind of stuff, you’d enjoy this episode.

When it comes to the decision making of this game, which is Telltale’s signature, it didn’t seem like there were many decisions being made in this episode. In exception to the final decision of the episode, it seemed as though that no matter which option you picked, it would have the same outcome.



Episode 5-A Nest of Vipers had lots of action but the feel of danger was close to little for the player. The action sequences were very easy to beat and they weren’t really challenging. The episode seemed short and the decision making almost seemed non existent. If you have been playing the previous episodes, you would want to play this one because it does hold some key events in the Forrester/Whitehills feud. If you haven’t played any of the episodes, I would suggest you start with episode one and work your way up.

I give A Nest of Vipers 5 fridges out of 10.