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Review: ‘The Funhouse Massacre’

F8SXvJDeFtNNtd8dSRZtRoOVbJcqAhOarqq2beJcIT8The horror comedy film The Funhouse Massacre hit select theaters on Nov. 13. The film is directed by Andy Palmer and stars Robert Englund, Jere Burns, Scottie Thompson, Clint Howard and Courtney Gains. We have the review here for you!

In The Funhouse Massacre, a group of psychotic serial killers escape an asylum and wreak havoc on a nearby funhouse on Halloween night. The carnival goers think it’s all a part of the festivities and once they all realize that it’s all real, the chaos erupts.

The storyline is a classic B-movie/Grindhouse horror type of storyline but this one actually surprises in a few ways because of the acting and special effects in it. RX6VYH6YohfIWEOXza5zD3NsmGV0dWYc6-l2gcnYzQ0

Let’s start with the acting. The cast is a pretty talented cast with Nightmare on Elm Street‘s Robert Englund serving as the asylum warden, which is a cool role for him, Jere Burns who has a long list of credentials, plays the role of the lead villain in the film, Clint Howard plays the too many screws loose Taxidermist and NCIS‘s Scottie Thompson plays the heroin sheriff. All of these actors’ talents made this film more than just some typical B-movie. Yes, there is some cheesy acting by some of the actors but it fits into this kind of film. The campy lines are made obvious, so I think it was intentional. I thought the asylum characters, though pretty psychotic, were somewhat likable. The characters had enough backstory to them to add dimensions to them and make them a bit more terrifying.

Now when it comes to the special effects, The Funhouse Massacre won Best Special Effects along with Best Feature at HorrorHound. In charge of special effects was Robert Kurtzman, who is known for his work on Army of Darkness and Scream. All of the special effects in the film are practical effects and I don’t believe that there was any CG used in the film (to my knowledge). A special effects person and horror buff can appreciate the use of practical effects, especially when they look pretty believable.

J6Ksmx2Law25o7gmRifoT22H5SawbhGtVZACMqMMe6INormally, this wouldn’t be the kind of film that I would pick out and watch just because I’m not into horror films much but this film was actually better than I thought it would be. Fans of horror would love the gore in this film and it has some dark comedy that will lighten in up a bit. I commend the film on it’s special effects and Andy Palmer for the casting. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see fans dressing up as these characters come next con season or next Halloween because this film could potentially become a cult classic. If you liked Zombieland, you may like this film as well because I feel that The Funhouse Massacre kind of falls under the same category.

I give The Funhouse Massacre 6.5 fridges out of 10.