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Review: FIGHT CLUB 2 #1

27002Tyler Durden definitely lives in this sequel to the hit film Fight Club and rule #1 will definitely be broken because everyone will be talking about this new series.

Fight Club 2 is written by the same very talented man who wrote 1999’s Fight Club, Chuck Palahniuk, if that doesn’t already give you enough validation to read this book, hopefully this review will help…

The sequel takes place ten years after the events of the first film. Sebastian aka Tyler Durden, is now married to Marla and the two also have a kid together. Sebastian continues to take meds to keep Tyler in the far reaches of his mind. While Marla sees that the marriage is in her opinion, “boring,” she sees the marriage also dying and Sebastian seems either to have no clue or have no care about the situation because he knows that she would rather have Tyler Durden there 24/7.


Like the hit film, this issue will have you thinking and second guessing what’s really going on, just like the main character. Maybe to not the same extent as the film but the wheels in your head will definitely be turning.

The art really puts the icing on the cake. Cameron Stewart provides the art and it’s absolutely beautiful from panel to panel. A really cool thing about the book is that things like pills and roses pedals start showing up on the pages as if as if you put them there yourself. It covers some of the dialogue and images but it really adds more to the book.


I think every Fight Club fan needs to pick up this issue and right now is the best time to do so, before you start missing out. It has the same dark wit and humor as the film and I’m so glad this has been made.


Fight Club 2 #1 is available now.