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Fathom: The Elite Saga#1

Aspen Comics flagship property is back in a weekly event leading up to this summer’s All-new Fathom series. This saga is poised to explore familiar territory for fans before getting set to change the title’s status quo for the coming of the all-new Fathom series. Issue one of Elite Saga stumbles a bit out of the gate but sets up an intriguing mystery in the Fathom universe.

The story comes from the tribunal of editor-in-chief Vince Hernandez and comic’s veterans J.T. Krul and David Wohl. Together, they craft a tale that picks up after the battles between the surface and the rogue faction of the Blue. Here, Killian is searching for his wife Anya and their newborn child Anika. Who have become refugees of Kilian and the Blue’s tirades and look for escape amongst a black-market on the edge of their underwater world. This issue focuses primarily on the child and drops hints at how important she could be to the entire Fathom universe. Included is the brief return of fan favorite character, Kiani. By the end of the issue it’s easy to see the direction this story will take. Which hopefully, will play up more on the internal struggle of Killian, between his duties and any fathering nature in him. Though this story takes place underwater, I need it to delve deeper into the characters around the child.

V. Ken Marion’s art on the book continues the sex appeal and fluidity fans of the series have come to expect from Fathom books. The characters have a deep soul in their facial expressions that makes you want the story go as deep as they look. One complaint I do have about the art is panel choice. Within the pages it feels a bit unbalanced at some parts. A problem easily remedied with tighter framing choices. Also one of the best parts of art duties on the books is the return of Aspen staple Talent Caldwell doing gorgeous interlocking covers on this series. Hopefully these covers find their way on to some sort of print or poster at conventions.

Overall, this book felt like it would  have been stronger as a zero issue. With a return of Fathom for its 15th anniversary, I needed more Aspen Matthews. Only having a few pages of the Fathom universe’s lead character would be a bit more forgivable in an issue leading into this story. Luckily since the title is a weekly series I won’t have to wait long for it. Fathom: The Elite Saga is definitely worth checking out, it does a great job of continuing themes and traditions first introduced by the books legendary creator Michael Turner all while building a new mystery of the deep to explore.


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