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Aniplex of America has announced the release of the Durarara!! OST, Durarara!! The Greatest Hits ~Sweet Strange Memories in the US and Canada! You can now purchase online without needing to go through import shipping from Japan yourself. Rightstuff lists the 2 disc CD set for the full Durarara!! series—both seasons 1 and 2—for just $29.98.

The disc set covers a wide range of musical genres, ranging from spooky and disturbing like “Electric Coiste-Bodhar” [Disc 1, Track 8] or “Kokoro o shibaru ai no Kotoba” [Disc 1, Track 17], to peaceful and relaxing like “Tsuwamono domo ga Yume no Ato” [Disc 1, Track 21].

Some pieces resemble classical music, like “Haru no Gakuen” [Disc 2, Track 2] and “Monogatari wa Eien ni” [Disc 2, Track 19], the latter of which is one of my favorites. There’s also jazz (“The Legend of the Red” [Disc 2, Track 9]) and lounge (“Kaettekita Kabukimono” [Disc 2, Track 13]).

Then if you’re looking for pieces that can affect your mood, try some goofy music with something like “Kohaku-san tocopherol calcium ondo” [Disc 1, Track 14] or “Dancing in the Sunshine” [Disc 2, Track 1], or something more emotional like “Sora wo oou Shikkoku no Kage” [Disc 2, Track 17]. These are just a few amongst the many quirky background themes selected for these discs.

For fans of DRRR music, this disc set may be a goldmine of great background music to listen to while in the car or studying. The unconventionality of the eclectic selections back-to-back fits the phenomena that is DRRR well. I do believe it is worth the listen.

Though this is a music CD review, one of the things I really liked about this disc set was actually the absolutely gorgeous artwork in the pamphlet and on the box cover. Made of thick, high quality card stock, the raised geometric black lines running across the photo makes it feel as if you’re looking out at the skyline from within the comforts of your own home, setting up the perfect atmosphere for listening to all the DRRR instrumental music available.

Disc 1 (Durarara!!):
1. 憧れの非日常 (Akogare no Hinichijou)
2. 池袋西口五叉路交差点 (Ikebukuro nishiguchi gosaro kousaten)
3. 斜め上を歩け (Naname ue wo aruke)
4. 絵の中の少女 [piano solo] (E no naka no shoujo)
5. 笑えるほど卑怯な奴 (Waraeru hodo hikyouna yatsu)
6. 池袋最強伝説 (Ikebukuro saikyo densetsu)
7. ロシアのヨウジンボウ (Russia no Youjinbou)
8. エレクトリック・コシュタ・バワー (Electric Coiste-Bodhar)
9. 闇を裂く闇より (Yami wo saku yami yori)
10. 声のない叫び (Koe no nai sakebi)
11. 乾いた前触れ (Kawaita mae bure)
12. 瓶詰めの天使 (Bindume no Tenshi)
13. 火曜日の夜に(Kayoubi no Yoru ni)
14. コハクサントコフェロールカルシウム音頭 (Kohaku-san tocopherol calcium ondo)
15. 緑色の記憶 (Midori iro no Kioku)
16. ふたりの憧憬 [retake] (Futari no doukei – Retake)
17. 心を縛る愛の言葉 (Kokoro o shibaru ai no Kotoba)
18. cosmic cycle
19. psychedelic parade~デュラララ!!のテーマ
20. ただ、静かに見つめろ (Tada, shizuka ni mitsumero)
21. つわものどもが夢の跡 (Tsuwamono domo ga Yume no Ato)
22. また始まる日常へ (Mata hajimaru nichijou he)
23. ロシアのヨウジンボウ ~アンコール

Disc 2 (Durarara!!x2):
1. Dancing in the Sunshine
2. 春の学園 (Haru no Gakuen)
3. 青くない空に (Aokunai sora ni)
4. アカマンボウのネギトロ (Akamanbou no Negitoro)
5. ロシアのシゴトニン (Russia no Shigoto Nin)
6. 取り立てラプソディ(Toritate Rhapsody)
7. 真昼のタイマン (Mahiru no Taiman)
8. 暗闇のカオス (Kurayami no Chaos)
9. The Legend of the Red
10. 狂った非日常 (Kurutta Hinichijou)
11. 雨の中たたずむ (Ame no naka Tatazumu)
12. 愛の復讐 (Ai no Fukushu)
13. 帰ってきた傾奇者 (Kaettekita Kabukimono)
14. 赤い目の群衆 (Akaime no Gunshu)
15. 巡り巡る運命 (Megurimeguru Unmei)
16. 魂のかけら (Tamashi no Kakera)
17. 空を覆う漆黒の影 (Sora wo oou Shikkoku no Kage)
18. 揺るぎない想い (Yuruginai Omoi)
19. 物語は永遠に (Monogatari wa Eien ni)

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Keira has an avid interest in music, linguistics, and film/animation. She has written for various publications since 2009, including Asia Pacific Arts, NerdReactor, and various newsletters.

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